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Fleet Management

Without careful consideration of the significant investment required for corporate fleet, it can be a costly and time consuming exercise for management, whose efforts would be better spent on core business activities.

Fleet West has developed a dedicated solutions-based strategy system of vehicle acquisition, disposal and management called Total Fleet Solutions (TFS).  TFS can help make the acquisition and disposal of your fleet an efficient, seamless process, whilst minimising administration costs, regardless of the size of your fleet.  TFS provides customers with a comprehensive fleet analysis, minimising the cost of running your fleet and covering every aspect of effective fleet management.

Total Fleet Solutions offers clients the following services:

  • Recommendations on the best matched vehicles for the job required
  • Recommendations on optimum vehicle change cycles
  • Use of independent industry data for ‘future value’ analysis
  • Analysis on vehicle purchase prices and available fleet discounts
  • Vehicle acquisition, sourcing and delivery
  • Financing options and recommendations
  • GST analysis
  • Vehicle disposal on behalf of our clients using our expertise

We also provide customers with an ongoing review process designed to monitor the sustainability of chosen vehicles in light of market developments, changes in legislation and changes to business focus.  These considerations, along with various performance tracking tools, enable us to produce regular reports to enable clients to make informed, strategic decisions regarding vehicle fleets.


Offering financial and administrative advantages, our service provides the total solution to the management of business fleets, regardless of size.  Total Fleet Solutions will benefit your business by:

  • Reducing the time involved in managing your fleet
  • Lowering the ‘residual risk factor’ of your fleet
  • Offering solution-based strategies to minimise the whole of life cost of your fleet.

If you would like to remove the time and costs associated with managing and administering your fleet, Total Fleet Solutions is for you.